Our Director, STUART LOUDON.

Stuart is a Senior Commercial and Property Lawyer and Court-Appointed Costs Assessor with practice experience in boutique and mid-tier firms across South-East Queensland.

He has never hesitated to stick his neck out to help others, or to speak up for what is right.

Stuart is a lifelong advocate for individual freedom and for the importance of striving towards one’s potential.

Stuart is a problem-solver, helping people stabilise and structure their businesses, improve their processes and documentation and obtain review of licencing and accreditation decisions, settle disputes and obtain payments of owed debts.

In April 2020 Stuart founded LOUDON LEGAL to provide a superior client experience, making legal services less threatening and more accessible to individuals and businesses.  The firm was built from Stuart’s frustration with traditional legal culture.

Many people seemed to consider much of what lawyers did to be unhelpful, unnecessary or mysterious. Some did not seem to consider lawyers to be regular “flesh and blood” human beings but seemed instead to be seeking status, a lofty title or a “too busy to talk” mystique expressed in intimidating waiting rooms and unanswered, or hastily-answered, emails.. Many were thus hesitant to engage with lawyers, missing out on the benefit of legal services, advice and advocacy.

At LOUDON LEGAL we are upfront and speak clearly, without overly technical talk or complicated strategies that our clients don’t understand or feel comfortable with.

We offer upfront fixed fees to reduce uncertainty and anxiety.

We are accessible, being available (where reasonably required) on weekends and public holidays and offering a mobile service to the greater Brisbane area.

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