About The Firm

Loudon Legal was birthed in:

* a dissatisfaction with traditional legal culture. We are here to provide a service… if so then why does so much of what lawyers do seem to be unhelpful or mysterious to our clients?

* a realisation of the need to be adaptive. I resigned from my previous firm just as Australia was starting to feel the pinch of social distancing laws. Who on earth would start a new legal firm in those impossible conditions?!

* a passion for customer service, client support and personal betterment. I could see that my work could help people and that I could provide a quality service. I could see the things that were obstacles to me being able to do so in the way that I wanted.

* a commitment to find and make a better way. Anyone can complain. Few make the effort to improve… to grow…to try something new. Anyone can talk… but change comes through action.

So… LOUDON LEGAL is here.

LOUDON LEGAL is determined to offer a superior client experience.

We can only do so much- it is when we and our clients work in partnership that the best outcomes are reached.

As we create client value, we rely upon payment for our services.

People sometimes forget to pay invoices on time, or have other financial considerations to juggle. With this in mind, we offer a 5% discount on any invoices paid in full within 14 days of the invoice date.

We rely on our clients for our business to continue, check out our client pact below.

Now, Get to know The Principal, Stuart!

Stuart is a senior commercial and property lawyer and Court-appointed Costs Assessor with practice experience in boutique and mid-tier firms across South-East Queensland.

He has never hesitated to stick his neck out to help others, or to speak up for what is right.

Stuart is a lifelong advocate for the interests and personal freedom of individuals, and the importance of striving towards one’s potential.

Stuart grew up in a household active in advocacy for the rights and wellbeing of people experiencing physical disabilities. From a young age he realised that effort must be put into promoting wellbeing. This includes challenging and pushing back against injustice, while also enabling people to be aware of the resources available to them to improve their situation and encouraging them to use them.

Stuart took these qualities into his career; first as a Social Worker, senior mental health clinician, supervisor and manager and then into Law. He quickly realised that he enjoyed both being a lawyer, and achieving positive outcomes for his clients. Stuart helped people stabilise and structure their businesses, improve their processes and documentation and obtain review of licencing and accreditation decisions, settle disputes and obtain payments of owed debts.

Stuart saw how pleased his clients were,  how they appreciated knowing that he had their back and how he had made their interests his focus. He could see that the services he was offering were important and changed lives.

In April 2020 Stuart founded LOUDON LEGAL with the specific mission of providing a superior client experience, making legal services less threatening and more accessible to individuals and businesses.  The firm was built from Stuart’s frustration with traditional legal culture. Many people seemed to consider much of what lawyers did to be unhelpful, unnecessary or mysterious. Some did not seem to consider lawyers to be regular “flesh and blood” human beings but seemed instead to be seeking status, a lofty title or a “too busy to talk” mystique expressed in intimidating waiting rooms and unanswered, or hastily-answered, emails.. Many were thus hesitant to engage with lawyers, missing out on the benefit of legal services, advice and advocacy.

At Loudon Legal we are upfront, speak clearly and “straight up”, without overly technical talk or complicated strategies that our clients don’t understand or feel comfortable with.

Loudon Legal offers upfront fixed fees to reduce uncertainty and anxiety. It aims to be accessible, being available (where reasonably required) on weekends and public holidays and offering a mobile service to the greater Brisbane area.

In Stuart’s spare time he enjoys time with his family, attempting to get more active and improve his fitness, reading and watching movies. For many years Stuart has been an active member of the Queensland Brisbane Poetry Slam community, and is a former Queensland State finalist in the National Australian Poetry Slam.

If you have any questions, legal issues or just want some advice, please feel free to contact Loudon Legal.

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