An interest of mine.

I have drafted them, advised clients on them, and assisted clients when a dispute arose under them.

Contracts have power.

People often don’t seem to realise that they do:

1) They sign documents without reading, understanding and agreeing with, the terms and conditions;
2) They do so often without obtaining legal advice;
3) They do not insist that the contract’s terms be clear and definite;
4) They rely on a “handshake” or verbal agreement, and WORST of all….
5) They try and draw contracts up themselves!!

Written Contracts are agreements between parties as to the rights and obligations between them.

They can impose obligations and even penalties upon you. You could have Court proceedings issued against you if you do not comply with a contract’s terms. This could be distressing, inconvenient and costly.

There is no such thing as a “standard” agreement; the attractiveness of the document’s font is never an indication of how “legitimate” a contract is.

They are never “just paperwork” or “legals”.

It is vital that you read, understand AND AGREE with a contract’s terms before you sign it. Even if it does not say “CONTRACT” on the front; any written agreement between parties should be viewed as a contract.

Once a contract is signed it is usually binding. In some circumstances “cooling off” periods may apply. If they do, do not be afraid to use them. Remember, the worst case scenario is always possible.

I can advise you on a contract BEFORE you sign!

Protect your business, your family and yourself.

Never sign a written agreement without ensuring you have taken the above protective steps.