The current crisis is an opportunity to make the best of a horrific situation.

Almost everything we previously believed culturally and socially has been challenged. How we work, how we interact, what we spend our money on- everything has been subjected to a sifting process where long established habits and conveniences have been broken and we now have to see what works and what doesn’t.

This is an opportunity for us to tidy up our lives as we have less time-wasting activities, changing of context between home and work and unnecessary structure and formality to grapple with.

We can either waste this opportunity or grow from it.

So give me a call if you have things that you have been putting off, whether it’s making a personal will, reviewing your business’s terms and conditions or restructuring your business structures for asset protection.

We now have a chance to tidy our lives up. Amidst this significant disruption to our ordinary lives, there are opportunities for us to adapt and grow if we can find them. I wish you every success in doing so.